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Deceit represents Thomas's lying, dishonest side. I’m open to any constructive criticism!* (Warnings: Angst, My second Sanders Sides oneshot book that I promise to complete to th… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad See more Sanders sides: One shots 2 - . Disney and Deceit Chapter 2 - Sander Sides Fanfiction Reading - Duration: 7:59. At least with Remus laying directly on top of him, it offered an arm rest for his book. This is my fanfiction that I was working on based around the prompt list that @ Coffee Shop AU More stuff for the coffee shop AU, since lots of people seemed to love it. . Fander blog, art and writing commissions open, #queeraf (they/them), I use the tag #remywritessmut for my smut one-shots. Please do not reblog/add onto/write fics/draw art off requests! Wait for the real prompt! Submit a prompt - Here's how! Alternatively, request a prompt for me to write - Here's how! Please use these prompts for your own use - fanfiction, fanart, edits, etc. Spoilers to the lat Read Deceit x Reader from the story Sanders sides x reader oneshots by halfbloodboi (ĸ » 🌙) with 3,479 reads. He wasn’t really dizzy, he wasn’t sick to his stomach, he was totally able to go about his day with zero problem. What if they weren’t just parts of Thomas’ mind. the sanders sides fandom is unusually vigilant abt tags, which I think has given some people a false sense of entitlement. Deceit sighed, doing his best to shift back against Obsession without getting an elbow in the back. (Scenes to multi-chapter fics) Fics can be read as romantic OR platonic if not explicitly labeled! +Scenes:+ =Give me a word, Deceit Summary: Logan learns the truth. Thunderstorm - A Sanders Sides Fanfiction Reading - Duration: 8:20. sanders sides virgil sanders logan sanders patton sanders roman sanders platonic lamp platonic calm my fics mentions of deceit, death mentions, past character Thomas Sanders is a singer, actor, scriptwriter and social media mogul. But whatever Logan had done, Remus didn’t bother trying. Remile trash. - and tag me! View all prompts on Wattpad. Hello my gemstones! I'm trying to be a little more cohesive in my recordings so! How do you like my new intro? Also! If anyone out there would like to draw a thumbnail for one of my videos, please Sanders Sides ts virgil ts deceit Virgil Sanders Deceit Sanders My Sanders Sides Art my fan art my art (all) manipulative deceit unsympathetic deceit my ts art This started as a quick warmup and then I had IDEAS anyway hope you enjoy the angst Disney and Deceit Chapter 2 - Sander Sides Fanfiction Reading - Duration: 7:59. Yes, another one-shot book. Part 1 Deceit: • Virgil’s older brother • They had never gotten along, Deceit had always tormented him when An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works #vanna talks #ask #anonymous #prompts #roceit #willing to write a sequel if anyone requests it #preferably a soft fluffy one where roman manages to get his trust back bc uhh #i didnt intend to make it as angsty as it was #princeit #angst #roman sanders #deceit sanders #sympathetic deceit #i decided to use the name lazarus #because im rlly Sanders Sides is a YouTube web series created by vlogger Thomas Sanders, in which he has group meetings with personifications of different aspects of his personality (Morality, Logic, Creativity, Anxiety, etc) to work though issues in his life and understand himself better as a person. Sanders Sides Quiz 10 Questions - Developed by: Luna Lee - Developed on: 2019-03-11 - 4. He was most certainly not sick. Trivia Tropes: Alternate Universe: Thomas Sanders has officially established one universe for the Sanders Shorts series and another one for the Sanders Sides series. He wears a grey long-sleeved shirt and a scarf, the same one he wore for his Watson outfit. ” Fork halfway to his mouth, Deceit froze. Trying to Survive - @virgilmydarkstrangeson ronnies fic fic fanfic prinxiety fic prinxiety fanfic prinxiety sanders sides fic sanders sides fanfic sanders sides a melody of burning matches amobm 80s band fic roman sanders virgil sanders logan sanders patton sanders deceit sanders remy sanders remus sanders (brief mention) thomas sanders joan talyn terrence logicality roman x virgil sanders sides fanfiction sympathetic deceit deceit sanders patton sanders our creations. 28: 11 "Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts" Joan Stokes, Quil Cauchon, Adri White & Thomas Sanders: June 25, 2019 () Patton wore a light blue sweater with cats and dogs in The Sanders Sides 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS!. Sanders Sides Smut Prompts. @thatsthat24 I screamed pretty loudly when he popped up. “Happy birthday, Deceit. I currently will accept requests for: Thomas, Virgil, Patton, Logan, Roman, and Deceit (and whomever else shows up in future videos) Ah, the Sanders Sides. Anonymous said: people not tagging things can be annoying in certain circumstances, but at the end of the day, each of us is responsible for curating our own internet experience. Thomas Sanders, Deceit, Youtubers, Personality, Youtube. Logan was the royal advisor. Deceit couldn’t help but laugh a little, putting a sad smile on Remus’ face. 23 notes. As a puppet, Patton was a paper bag. ” Chapter Five *If you wanna be tagged let me know! Also there’s a reference to a Sanders Sides theory at the end of the chapter. And this is just a blog, where I share my headcanons and sometimes fanfictions about Sanders Sides. He’s proud of you for listening and thinking about what he said, and he hopes it plants a seed where sometimes maybe you notice yourself making an unhealthy choice and recognize it, because that’s the first step towards growth towards your best and healthiest self, which is a journey and a process, not an ideal state of which you are falling short. I was unaware that you owned a onesie. I think that's it, but let me know if you need something else tagged. He was the married man that Rachel Zane once had an affair with. Deceit stood up from his chair and got closer to his lover. Multifandom blog, but mostly Sanders Sides. High quality Thomas Sanders inspired T-Shirts, Posters, Mugs and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. (No porn blogs either) This is a welcoming place where Deceit isn't (always) portrayed as the villain! the-fangirl-sunstorm:. Deceit thought about that the next time he spent the night with Logan. Sanders Sides Fics MasterPost General categories are ordered by length. anxiety, angst, sanderssides. Panromantic/asexual. Sanders Sides Well um hi there I’m new to this amino I don’t know if I’ll post a lot since I don’t really draw much but if I ever draw something related to sanders sides then I’ll post it here but anyways I got messaged about my profile and how I need to show proof that I drew it so here it is (it’s not finished) Roman Sanders is a Mood but Virgil is my spirit animal. And sometimes, I do neither. Logan took this moment to walk in. Roman Sanders is a Mood but Virgil is my spirit animal. asking someone to change their entire tagging system just for you is not really ok. Showing 773 notes. Hello! This is the UNOFFICIAL ask blog of the four sides of Thomas Sanders! Logic, Morality, Prince, and Anxiety! Header by @darkmagic-sweetheart! Day 14: Reimagine a Sanders Sides, Cartoon Therapy, or other original character from our content as a kind of humanoid piece of candy or sweet treat! Day 15: I really enjoyed this prompt from last year, so this year, take any Disney Villain, and use them as the inspiration for a Met Gala outfit! NO DALMATIAN PUPPY FUR ALLOWED, ALL OF YOU dorian (aka deceit) is the older stepchild and the technical lord of the sanders manor, and an asshole to virgil and patton; virgil is the younger stepchild, who starts out as kind of an asshole but gradually becomes more likeable (earning dorian’s disgust, but he doesn’t care anymore) and who has not-so-secret magical abilities Why Deceit Hates PattonI’m too ill to do uni work or write my proper fanfiction, but I still wanna do Deceit angst. Not only . He burst into the scene with his exploits on Vine and later, YouTube. no deceit High quality Sanders Sides inspired T-Shirts, Posters, Mugs and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. He is manipulative and sarcastic and is the inverse of Patton. sanders-sides-fic-archive: Is this it? Library - NekoAbi. sanders sides sanders sides fic sanders sides fanfic sanders sides fanfiction loceit romantic loceit logan x deceit Deceit Summary: Logan learns the truth. Puppet Form . All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. this is very stream of consciousness i've been trapped in a car for a solid day and a half now deceit sanders sanders sides thomas sanders this is me “See how happy they are without you?” Deceit asked, running a finger down Logan’s cheek, tracing the path of the logical side’s tears. He may be a liar but he still had manners. 2. Instead of answering, the two sides stared at him. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Requests welcome! I recently have written some short stories and one-shots for Thomas Sanders and the Sanders Sides. He and Deceit had been a nearly unstoppable team, and the other Virgil sat in the commons with the other of Thomas's traits, though he didn't pay them much attention. The side in question felt his heart clench at the sight. Word Count- 1,769. In the Sanders Shorts universe, he has the Teacher Guy, the Dad Guy, the Prince Guy, several Anxiety Guys and other characters like Sleep, Brain, and many others. sanders sides sanders sides fic sanders sides fanfic sanders sides fanfiction loceit romantic loceit logan x deceit In the end, human Deceit is the jaded clog in the machine, too afraid of getting crushed to step out of line and fight, and Patton is the foolhardy hero whose selflessness just may destroy him. Virgil, Patton, Logan, Roman, Deceit and Remus. Deceit curled up in his bed, in his bedroom that he had with the Light Sides for the first time. deceit sanders virgil sanders im tired and “What?” Deceit asked after he finished his bite. ” COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! 2/3 slots are taken! / A very passionate side blog! My main blog where I post my original art is @ros-poz2 / Rosalynd / She/her pronouns / I ship all ships involving Roman, Logan, Virgil, Patton and Deceit / I love Remus / I love to draw, paint and write fanfiction! Sanders Sides Smut Prompts. maxiswriting liked this Deceit shows up and puts Thomas on a trial to prove that Thomas is guilty of caring for himself more than he cares for his friends and prove to the other Sides that Thomas is not the perfect idealistic figure they think he is. What if they were actual people? What if they went to school and Thomas was their dad with Patton being first born and the twins Roman and Remu Read Deceit's Arrival from the story Sanders Sides One Shots by ChickitaGurl (Angst Queen™) with 3,884 reads. Please specify whether you would like abusive, manipulative, or sympathetic Deceit! Send in an ask or comment on this post! sanders sides fanfiction menu logan sanders roman sanders virgil sanders patton sanders deceit sanders tw: deceit Characters- Logan Sanders, Roman Sanders, Patton Sanders, Virgil Sanders, Deceit Sanders, Remus Sanders(mention) Fic Type- Its just pure angst with no happy ending(yet) Warnings- Kidnapping, bad self care, morally grey Deceit. 585 taken - 3 people like it How much do you know about the Sanders Sides Misquoting the Sanders Sides deceit sanders virgil buuuut this is a commission for the lovely @not-so-innocent-bi-sander for her Sanders Sides Fanfiction What made y'all like Remus? Tbh when he did that neck crack thing (which I know was supposed to be creepy, but hush it's my emotional support projection) I immediately went "THAT BABY BOY GOT JOINT PROBLEMS" and he's the easiest to put chronic pain headcanons on for some reason “Replaced. ~ Mod Mek. The yellow side took Remus’ hands and carefully kiss them, making sure to not harm him. So, in response to this post about Deceit being a flirt in the new video, @king-cookiex said. Juniper’s Fanfiction Masterlist. Please reblog this because it is so hard to find stuff on Tumblr and this took a long time. ” Chapter Eleven *If you wanna be tagged let me know! I’m open to any constructive criticism!* (Warnings: Angst, Deceit, unsympathetic Deceit) [[MORE]]Roman woke up and found himself curled Mr. Sanders, more commonly known under the moniker of Deceit, is Thomas Sanders' first known Dark Side. After the whole pretending to be Patton thing didn't pan out Deceit didn't dare show his face to the other dark sides again. Can he prove to the other sides that he's not a cruel or  23 Sep 2018 Deceit has something important to tell the Bright Sides, but will they Rated: Fiction T - English - Friendship - Sanders Sides - Chapters: 5  26 Mar 2018 Touch-Starved Deceit Warnings: Cursing, blood, scratching, slightly Ravenclaw - Horned Serpent |♡| Support Me on Ko-fi Fanfic Masterpost. Deceit and Sleep (Sanders Sides Fantasy AU) Okay so i’ve seen some art and read one fic where Virgil has scales just like the Danger Noodle, and a kind anon brought it up to me as well and s. The names Inky. No hate will be tolerated of any kind. Both of them are Legatees. Logan Sanders is a businessman and heir to his father's group of companies and was a client of Pearson Specter, particularly Harvey Specter's. take I wanted to draw him with different scales and maybe had too much fun with it Edit: Made the rainbows more visible on the Sunbeam!Deceit, fixed the text on the Sunbeam Snake and Banded Sea Krait to actually be easy to read, and corrected the “coral snake” to Scarlet Kingsnake Ink Has Many Uses I write what I draw and I draw what I write. #8. Read Deceit from the story Sanders Sides One Shots by Keynbean (Keyna) with Fanfiction. sanders sides fanfiction ss fanfiction ts deceit tsdeceit sympathetic deceit tw deceit deceit sanders patton sanders roman sanders virgil sanders logan sanders i've missed this and i'm glad to work on this again on to part 7! Sanders Sidecanons The name is Lissa, 19 Years, she/her. Icon from a picrew by ummmmandy. His thoughts were turned inward and he wore headphones to try and tune out Roman's constant singing and Logan trying to come up with a reason for saying infinitesimal when he had meant the opposite. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. logina-logic-sanders . Remus X Deceit Characters By Thomas Sanders A healt angst; remus Dorm Buddies {Sanders Sides Fanfiction} {Moxiety} {Logince} by corruptedfile404. PeterDoesStuff 1,353 views. By: Xephina The Eleven. Director Outfit "Patton" (Deceit in disguise) is chosen as the director in Can LYING Be Good??. sanders sides logan angst fanfiction list so, this is how i’m going to do this: i’ll list the fanfictions out one by one and under each fanfiction i will state: - their author - the ships - its Characters belong to Thomas Sanders I just used them for fun my art Deceit sanders logan sanders loceit i think thats the ship name sympathetic deceit. 24. The world seems like a really small place when you work in a library, and what happens when four gays inhabit this small world? Well, I guess we’ll just have to find out if they all figure it out. Sanders Sides Culture:-Starting to call characters in other fandoms/ real people kiddo because it rubbed off on you-Lowkey really wanting to dress up as one of the sides/ closet cosplaying just for fun An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. And so, Sleep/Remy and Deceit joins the Fantasy AU I am never drawing Deceit’s necklace again it was very painful. The three of them fell quiet, the TV and the occasional page turn from Deceit the only sounds that interrupted the silence. 24 Dec 2018 Deceit gets invited to the Sanders Sides Christmas party (by Patton, of course). Rogers is not disappointed in you. Deceit was created recently and is therefore a unique case. If you know Thomas Sanders then try this quiz if you know him well. A/N- Consistent writing style? Head over to the official store to grab Thomas Sanders apparel, accessories, exclusive bundles and collectables! sanders sides thomas sanders deceit sanders ts deceit concept this doesn't need much logic it's only a concept creativity sanders ts creativity creativitwins roman sanders ts roman remus sanders ts remus duke sanders ts duke “Replaced. @i-need-you-buddy taught me how to do links, so they’re all included in this post and I’ll update it every time I come out with a new fic. When Logan first appeared in a Sanders sides video, his imagination counterpart slowly faded away. And the center of it all Thomas. Read more about Thomas Sanders and everything you want to know about him, like his bio, sexuality, is he gay, bisexual or straight, who is his boyfriend, height plus other facts. INFP/ Libra / Demi / Chaotic Neutral /American / Michigander / Troll (of the LP variety). - Well… I don’t think I will forget tonight anytime soon, so I’d say you succeeded. When Virgil started becoming a more positive influence with every new appearance he made, the warlock began to disappear as well. Sanders Sides “You’re reallycool. He felt fine. He represents Thomas's deceptive tendencies, under which is lying, even to himself. These fics will most likely be platonic  Browse through and read deceit sander fanfiction stories and books. And I really gotta thank you, because that gave me the opportunity to go through the video with a fine-toothed comb and pull out all the times Deceit was being a flirt for those who don’t see the world through shipping goggles sanders sides roman sanders virgil sanders logan sanders patton sanders deceit sanders ts deceit remus sanders ts remus dukedontlook zenpai edits 1,119 notes Open in app “Deceit? Who’s she?” I love this snake man. 3 months ago 773 eggs. Write fanfiction; Tests for the real fan Remy and Deceit Virgil and Deceit trigger //rape trigger //abuse trigger //abusive relationships trigger //physical abuse trigger //emotional abuse trigger //deceit deceit sanders ts deceit trigger //branding trigger //broken glass sanders sides sanders sides fanfiction virgil sanders roman sanders patton sanders logan sanders dark sides light sides Deceit didn’t mind listening to Remus’s schemes during the day - he actually managed to come up with some good ones once in a while - it was when he was disturbing personal time, sleep time, that made Deceit testy. He looked over at Deceit, raising an eyebrow. 2018 • 2,477 notes Fanfiction Read (Prinxiety) Disney songs from the story Sanders Sides Oneshots by premium_garbage with reads. of Deceit and Remus, Roman being trapped in #🍬 txt #sanders sides #dukeceit #demus #romantic dukeceit #sympathetic deceit #sympathetic remus #deceit sanders #remus sanders #deceit #remus #sanders sides fic #sanders sides fanfiction #sanders sides fanfic #📚 #ok to rb #peach writes A Snek Boi Welcome to Sympathetic Deceit! We reblog post about Deceit, for Deceit, and with Deceit. thomassanders, sanderssides, oneshotcollection FanFiction | unleash Follow/Fav Sanders Sides BROTP One-Shots. Welcome to Sanders Sides Celebrations! Deceit, swearing, mentions of death. #hate his snake skin it's impossible to draw asdfghjkl #thomas sanders #sanders sides #deceit #xaan art #i need to draw a nice proper picture soon 3. Mr. deceit sanders fanfiction

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